a diary of what i love and what i do

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Send Flowers.

thank you

for a chance to grow
a script written in black sharpie
willingness to make the call
willingness to be a big disappointment
if it's all practice then none of it is a big deal
using the feeling of freedom and relief as a gauge of whether or not i am doing the right thing
big heart beats
tingly fingertips
air filling the space inside my chest
side braids and bobby pins
dancing around my room naked
loving the one i'm with
be it a minute
an hour
in bed
on a walk
holding the space i'm in
ability to love many maybe because i love god
diet dr pepper cold and out of the can
making some executive ho decisions
not sitting by the phone
not wanting to belong to anyone but me
not taking this time for granted
booking the red eye
bunny as a best friend
the 36th floor
happily sandwiched between one physically unavailable and the other emotional
laughing laughing laughing
texts from poppa
a burger with grilled jalepenos
bbq and mayo mixed together
the sounds of a full house
the feel of wind blowing through the thin fabric on my skin
a sugared sugar hole
for awakenings. being somewhere and knowing i belong there.
here i am baby. take me as i am.