a diary of what i love and what i do

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Look Ma No Hands.

thank you

the art of juggling
god making it rain
old souls
long stares
the honey in the cab
the hottie on the motorcycle
a walk around the block
mumbled miss you's
daily staff meals
the best crossaint
foam in my coffee rather than clouds
that it keeps getting better
for never a dull moment
a good poo
that when i want to lie, i'm not trusting god and loving myself
for honesty replied with more honesty
that the truth has turned into freedom and not a burden
a sweet setup
wacka flocka flame
the special on the menu
my dog's ears flapping when he wakes up to stretch
then goes right back to bed
tea with milk and honey
no shame to wash off
that when i stay in my body and out of my head everything is as it should be
when in doubt, do my program
how easy work is when i love what i do
how easy a paper is to write when i love the topic
how easy it is when i love
excitement over a box of office supplies
getting paid to get organized
getting paid under the table
for friends in love
that we get to share looking through the same lens
watching my disease try to take everything away from me
for the shit i get to hear in a meeting
for god, the only medicine to my alcoholism
the space in between two hands that want to touch
the breathe between lips about to kiss
making it last
money for rent
the art of doing nothing on my own or not
that waiting takes practice
asking myself out loud "hey, how can i stop trippin and make this fun?"
taking everything i am into this moment
with god, i am enough today

for life.

it ain't up to me.