a diary of what i love and what i do

Thursday, October 6, 2011

We are made of stars.

thank you

for "then i woke up"
and remembered nothing is wrong with me
only my view was a little off
for raining mornings
letting myself sleep in
scrambled eggs, a cup of tea and toast with butter
the seat by the window, a book and me
for an appreciation and attraction to all that is weird and unconventional
for bunny's brochure analogy of  boys
that it put things into perspective and it made me laugh
for the ever alluring temptation to listen to who said what
and then turning to god and turning it around
for what the steps have taught me about such things
"what they say says more about them than me"
to have friends that love enough to not talk shit and choose sides
for a long soak in the bathtub
the house to myself
a big bed to myself (plus the dog)
a frig and pantry full of food for myself
to be in my own company and be content
"in joy in my self"
listening to my body when it says go to bed sleepyhead
nina simone radio on pandora
to call someone in need when i am in need of a break
that my most recent breakup is still helping people
for the wave in my hair
a mostly clean room
the one untouched corner
a stocked and organized first aid kit
being the thing it is i wish to receive
"I'm not the one who looks fantastic in everything, but I still cannot help loving myself"
for enough humility to admire god's work in and me and in you
vibrator necklaces
a crystal hanging in the window
the colors it catches
red rain boots
wiping off the chipped nail polish