a diary of what i love and what i do

Monday, August 1, 2011

everyday i'm hustling

pigs from the same pig pen in a past life. oink oink.
that i take "the bitch likes to eat" as a huge compliment
for a needle and thread
getting to the ever growing pile of clothing projects
digital cameras vs a 35 mm
for my hair. it's awesome.
the clank of a spoon on a bowl
the acute ache in my shoulder
a hangnail
love texts with friends
vacationing in the city i live in
that i get paid to hang out with the most amazing little human beings
for the priceless things they say and do
that i get to be a witness to their adorableness
for a huge house purge
for comfort in the emptiness
taking shit down and making more room to just have room for space, not to fill it up with more stuff
that there was a time when i needed to buy a lot of crap to feel secure
and now is the time that i need to get rid of all that crap to breathe
my insides matching my outsides
falling asleep on the couch with two dogs and a bunny
making equal time for all my ho's
for the people i get to share my life with
a good chapter
nap time readings
the obvious thing being the next thing
jasmine growing wildly on the back patio
the sometimes very short and sometimes very long pause button
vegas countdowns
for the stuff i can't fake
like how happy i am to see someone
that with rusty and bunny i feel safe and loved
all the shades of brown
the full feeling in my stomach and in my chest
short clean fingernails
my mom coming through the only way she knows how
being cool with that
adults that use baby wipes
letting go of my surfboard
making the exchange fun
trusting god's got another board for me for another time
for straight priorities and grown up shit
good company while i wait in line
the new beastie boys album on blast
people who are like little beings of sunlight